Motorbike DOT 5.1 Brake & Clutch fluid

To keep your braking efficient, change your brake fluid and clutch regularly.

The porosity of your old rubber hoses leads to residual moisture in your brake system.

DOT 5.1 brake oil offers the highest resistance to heat and a higher boiling point for better braking performance on roads and tracks.

When changing your brake hoses by Braided Liness, purge your brake and clutch system and fill it with an efficient synthetic oil.

Buy with confidence the DOT 5.1 Ferodo 500 ml brake fluid.

6,25 €


More info about Motorbike DOT 5.1 Brake & Clutch fluid

The Ferodo Racing brake fluid is specially designed for people looking for high performance for their motorcycle. It is sold in containers of 0.5L in DOT 5.1.

The properties of your brake oil degrade over time, with the appearance of air and water bubbles resulting from temperature rise and boiling of the liquid during heavy braking.

Ferodo brake fluid FBZ050 DOT 5.1 is a synthetic brake fluid for vehicles designed for the use of synthetic fluid.

Its composition has the advantage of not being corrosive to the rubber seals of the calipers and the brake cylinders.

Specially designed for users who demand high performance for their bikes, Ferodo FBZ050 DOT 5.1 brake fluid ensures reliability and safety.

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