Secure Payment Via Credit Card

EZDRAULIX chose as secure payment partner CM-CIC group.

CM-CIC p @ yment uses standard encryption system called "SSL". If realized, when you are on the payment page, by:

  • An icon in the corner of your browser: one of these signs must be present. logos de cadenas présents lors d'une connexion sécurisée : The padlock must be closed.
  • In your browser's address bar, the browser is in "https: //" instead of "http: //".
  • When switching from non-encrypted encrypted mode (and vice versa), browsers display a message notifying you of the change.

Check these items before entering confidential data, is a guarantee of security. In order to use the most powerful protocols, we recommend the use of a latest browser.

So you can pay with your VISA or MASTERCARD.

Secure payment via PAYPAL

With your paypal account, can voius shopping at

Secure payment via bank transfer

For flexibility, we offer you the opportunity to pay your purchases by bank transfer EZDRAULIX choosing "Payment by Credit Vierment" on our interface.

Payment by check

For payment by check, you will need to print your order, attach it to your check EZFLON order and send us all to the following address:


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