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Today EZDRAULIX opens the doors to the largest range of coat colors of aviation hoses, or 26 possible colors in several categories of coatings.

Wanting your machine similar to what you have in mind, it is possible for years, but today, more and more materials are available to embellish almost all of your accessories.



  • 16 color blocks, these non-transparent colors will not let you see the braid in stainless steel, are available among others, the army green, black, green Kawa, gold, blue Rizla (for those who roll their cigarettes in hand !),
  •     We have also recently developed a matte black coating, really for the Vintages, this hose is like the old hoses of origin, but underneath lies a true air hose! You will find it in the drop down list on the home page under the name "Black Estane"
  •     10 Neon transparent hoses, PVC transparent, smoke, blue, red, orange ...

    Special hoses on request (contact us):

       For example we manufactured hoses with a phosphorescent effect, impressive for a few minutes, your hoses shine in the night, guaranteed effect!      

       Also made a special order for hoses with a gold coating 18k ....

We also have a range of colored stainless steel banjo 6 in addition to the raw stainless steel.

EZDRAULIX also offers you a wide range of elastomer hoses, braided stainless steel or nylon with aircraft-grade aluminum fittings, anodized blue, red, black.

EZDRAULIX also has in stock fast ¼ turn fittings for fuel system, allowing quick disassembly and avoid spilling fuel. As well as all types of adapters, mostly anodized aluminum or stainless steel.


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