For compétition

The competition is push the machine to the borders of its possibilities. The research therefore goes to the high-performance components combining lightness, compactness with a resistance to extreme conditions.

Endurance SR Team Ezdraulix

EZDRAULIX offers a wide range of hose assemblies or not to prepare your machines according to your desiderata.

Wide range of :

  • Hoses Rubber high performance PTFE or stainless steel braided
  • Swaged fittings in stainless steel or reusable ALU Grade Aerospace
  • Quick couplings Aluminum or Titanium for hoses Brake / Fuel / Shock Absorbers / Hydraulic
  • Aluminium or Stainless Steel adapters
PushLock Black Hose

PushLock Black Hose


  • Hoses & RH1 RH7 Racing pipes for mounting with reusable fittings for oil or fuel circuits. Both types of pipes have applications, the RH7 it is even more focused competition with reduced weight combined with reduced bending radius.
  • Rhpl pipe, this pipe enables ultra fast assembly because fitting is just pushed into the pipe and resists high pressures. Not for the braking circuits.
  • Hose T1D / T1AD PTFE hoses / stainless steel, most versatile, resistant to temperature, pressure, generally lighter than other pipes and with a small footprint to slide more easily.


PTFE Fitting

Fittings for PTFE hose

Cutter Style Fitting      Compression Style Fitting

Cutter Style Fitting           Compression Style Fitting

  •  Stainless steel brake, reusable
  •  Aluminum for all lines (except Gas, Alcohol, Nitro-methane or Circuit High pressure power steering or hydraulic) systems Compression Styles JIC 37 ° and 37 ° JIC Cutter Style
  •  Push Lock, save time for assembling your hoses, nothing to screw or crimp fittings are pushed onto the pipe.
Quick Coupling 1

Quick Coupling


Aluminum or Titanium for rapid maintenance, these couplers avoid purge the brake hoses or allow disassembly and reassembly fastest. In competition, it is possible to put on the brake circuits, or other fuel.


Inox or Alu

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